Game Designer / Co-Creator


Aug 2019 - present |  Vancouver, BC

We're a small, independent game studio creating DAVIGO, a VR vs. PC battle game. Our goal is to design around the constraints of VR to craft high-quality interactions that bring players from different platforms together in a shared virtual space. 


Our process includes:

  • Rapid prototyping and testing for early concept validation

  • Ongoing Patreon campaign for crowd-funding

  • Independent marketing using social media and press outreach

Freelance App Developer

Paint the Rails

January 2020 - present |  Vancouver, BC

I partnered with John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights to create an AR app for the Paint the Rails mural series in Edmonton. The app uses augmented reality to recognize the murals and overlay animations, making the murals come to life to help tell the story of settlement and reconciliation from diverse cultural communities.


My contribution included:

  • Full-stack app development and deployment using Unity, C#, and the AR Foundation API 

  • Custom animations built in-engine based on existing murals

  • Coordination of remote testing 

Technical Game Designer


Apr 2015 - Aug 2019 |  Vancouver, BC

I worked as a technical designer on multiple launched titles for a variety of VR platforms including PlayStation VR, Vive, Gear VR, and Google Cardboard.


My experience included:

  • Rapid prototyping for VR and AR

  • Feature documentation and implementation using Unity and C#

  • Custom tools to streamline content creation

  • Writing support for dialogue, UI and marketing materials

  • Pitching to clients and internal stakeholders

Instructor (Game Design)

LaSalle College

Sep 2015 - present  |  Vancouver, BC

I assisted in developing the new Game Art & Design program, which includes classes I teach on scripting, system design, and game design theory. The program focuses on practical skills to help students enter the current games industry. I create my own teaching materials and strive to make lessons engaging by gamifying the learning process.

Classes I've taught:

  • Intro to Immersive Reality

  • Intro to Scripting (C#, Visual Studio)

  • Game Design


Game Art and Design Diploma

The Art Institute of Vancouver (LaSalle College)

2012 - 2014  |  Vancouver, BC

Condensed 2-year training in digital and tabletop game design and production. Ranked #1 "Top Schools to Study Game Design" in Canada by The Princeton Review. I was awarded Dean’s Honour Roll (3.9 GPA) and the Merit Award for academic achievement.


Innovation150 / Made In Canada

Science World

Apr 2017 |  Vancouver, BC

"A virtual vacation to Canada's west coast", Canoe Ride transports up to four players to a tranquil West Coast shore, where they ride two canoes along a picturesque coastline. Simple interactions bring the users together in a shared virtual experience.


Featured in Science World's Made In Canada exhibit to celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary.

Andy Bacon Playing Vive