👋 Hi! I'm Andy.


I'm a technical game designer specializing in virtual and augmented reality.

I strive to create polished interactions that serve emotionally-impactful experiences. 

My hope is to guide emerging technologies to support positive cultural change.

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My current project is DAVIGO, a crowd-funded VR vs. PC battle game.


VR Experiment

Personal - 2019

Create objects by spelling them in VR. 3D assets are dynamically sourced from Google Poly when words are collapsed.

Paint the Rails

AR App

Freelance (AJA Louden Studios) - 2021

Murals "come to life" to help tell the story of settlement and reconciliation from diverse cultural communities in Edmonton.

Rocks and Ravens

Grid-Based Logic Puzzles

Personal - 2018

A short collection of grid-based logic puzzles and haiku set to original, dynamic music. Inspired by Alex Bellos' work

MARVEL Dimension of Heroes

AR Experience

Archiact - 2019

MARVEL Dimension of Heroes is a smartphone-powered augmented reality experience that lets you play as iconic Marvel Super Heroes.

Canoe Ride

VR Experience

Archiact - 2017

In partnership with Science World, a VR experience that brings the incredible beauty of the Pacific Northwest to your fingertips. 

The Heist

VR Gambling Prototype

Archiact - 2017

In partnership with BCLC, a VR gambling prototype designed around intuitive locomotion and interaction using Samsung Gear VR. 

Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue

Mobile VR Endless Runner

Archiact - 2015

Move your head to steer Lamper, a brave lightning bug, through lush woods and fiery caverns to rescue their friends.

Rocks and Ravens VR

VR Experiment

Personal - 2018

Exploring gesture-based interactions and a hand-drawn visual aesthetic in VR. Based on my puzzle game rocks and ravens


VR vs. PC Battle Game

Davigo Studio (Co-Creator) - Ongoing

Asymmetrical battle game designed to make VR less isolating and connect players across different gaming platforms.

Clone Saber

Joy-Con Beat Saber Prototype

Personal - 2018

Non-VR Beat Saber clone that uses Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers as input. Built with JoyconLib by wormyrocks.

Waddle Home

VR Puzzle Game

Archiact - 2017

Guide the penguins to the Rescue Ship by toggling blocks, opening doors, and helping them escape patrolling Guards.

Hidden Fortune

VR Hidden Object Game

Archiact - 2017

An adventurous treasure hunt presented in an episodic series.

Slots in de Nile

VR Gambling Game

Archiact - 2018

Travel to mysterious ancient Egypt and try your luck at getting Cleopatra’s treasure.